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Diaper Sprayers

A cloth diaper sprayer can make cloth diapering much easier. Diaper sprayers attach to your toilet with a few simple parts. In most cases you won't even need tools. When shopping for a cloth diaper sprayer, look for one with high quality parts and an adjustable spray. Don't be fooled by cheaper diaper sprayers. Saving a few dollars on a diaper sprayer only to have an expensive home repair caused by a leaking diaper sprayer won't help your wallet!

A cloth diaper sprayer allows you to conveniently spray off messy diapers without dunking and flushing. There is no risk of accidentally flushing an expensive diaper (leading to an even more expensive plumbing repair). Simply spray off the diaper and put it in the diaper pail!

We carry BumGenius and other quality diaper sprayer brands. We do not carry cheaper diaper sprayers because they can leak and cause water damage to your home.